Location Recording

With our mobile Recording equipment we can record anywhere. Studio's, Churches, venues, Clubs, Concert Recording, even at your place.

Feel free to look at the discography.


Music Mixing

At our Project studio we do Music Mixing - Mastering - Voice over - audio books - foley - soundscapes - online mixing ...

If your budget is larger we can mix in bigger facilities.


Live Sound

In live sound I work often with Big Band, wind orchestra, Folk, bluegrass, Gospel and in Musical Theater.

Also the Technical support of Conferences is part of my curriculum.


AV Productions

I had the pleasure to work on several short films, docu's and live multicam recordings as a recordist or post production engineer.

In collaboration with some select partners, AV Inspire can provide you a complete package of multicam recordings.


Sound engineering with passion

contact Geert De Deken

Geert De Deken

Sound Engineer

Most of my time I spend to recording and amplifying of Opera, musical, Gospel, folk and jazz, but we strongly believe in the combination of knowledge and experience in all kinds of different music styles. It is between your ears that you have to know where you want to go. Talking about music, I like the musical styles noted above and that helps when you need to mix them. We offer our costumers more than 10 years experience in the musical theatre and location recording, conferencing and live music events. We certainly invest in high quality material and our rental service is open to small and big projects. But we don't only offer high quality equipment, we also pursuit higher values. We strongly believe in social commitment and therefore we like to support social projects for schools, for the disabled and for the less fortunate among us or even for the climate....
you can follow my projects on Twitter : @AVInspire or on facebook.

Geert De Deken

AV Inspire : References

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